Securing your energy with care

Health and safety

Oil and gas has been safely explored, developed and produced at our sites for over 30 years. We also operate within one of the of the world’s most stringent regulatory frameworks for onshore energy production As a British business, we recognise more than most the pressures on our natural environment and the need to place its protection alongside other critical considerations.

Safety and shale gas:

While shale gas has the potential to offer enormous benefits, it is understandable that many people have questions over both its extraction and its production.

Britain has one of the world’s most stringent regulatory regimes for onshore and offshore oil and gas extraction. We always work within this framework, and we will continue to adhere to the strict environmental and safety codes in the next phase of the Company’s development.

The advent of the combination of horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing has enabled the successful development of shale gas resources elsewhere in the world. Both of these technologies have been used in Britain for many years without incident and are well understood by operators and regulators.

Health and Safety